Beach escape – day one

We arrived early afternoon to the house we have rented for the week. And, as all good holiday houses should be, it’s quirky and odd but welcoming and will do just fine thank you very much 🙂

After making up the beds and settling in, we soon headed to the beach, our favourite spot, Shark Bay.


The hunt was immediately on for shark eggs. We’ve found some of these before on previous trips and they are always a much sought after beach treasure.

Apart from the husband (who, frankly, found more than his share last time) we all found one, with Charli and I finding two each!

shark eggs


Since we also found a few of the coveted cowrie shells each, we joked that we could go home now.

What I love most about this part of the world we holiday in, is it’s lack of hustle and bustle. It was fairly crowded today though, being school holidays and all – we counted six people on the beach other than us 🙂

The wide open spaces mean we can be together but apart, as you can see from the first photo. And after the last few weeks of intense talking, logistics planning, end of school term stress and rush to get work sorted before coming away, we have all been a bit fractious to say the least.

Here, we can feel connected while seeing each other from a distance, and regain some of our own space.

Yes, I can certainly feel the tension seeping away as I breathe the sea air, feel the sand crunch beneath my feet and remember how good it is to simply be alive.


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