Beach escape, day two – treasures

Today we went to the beach again, of course, and collected more treasures 🙂




After just over 24 hours, this is my collection alone.  Today I overheard Graham asking the youngest beachcomber what she was going to do with all these treasures she was amassing. I chuckled and wondered if the same was soon going to be asked of me!

As I continued to wander along, stopping to inspect anything colourful or shiny lying in the sand, I thought about how similar it is to the treasures we come across in life.

Some treasures we find, others are given. I have a dear friend who always refers to her children as her treasures, and I have always loved the picture that conjures up in my mind.

Sometimes, the treasures in life are people, sometimes experiences, and sometimes, the treasures are in us.

And just like my ten year old (and me!) we can gather treasure after treasure and not ever really ‘do’ anything with them.  Once home, the shells we collect are often put in an old ice cream container and stuck on a shelf in a cupboard, their beauty forgotten well before the last grain of sand is vacuumed from the car.

What about the treasures in your life? Are they on a shelf? Are they forgotten? Or are they there to see but are gathering dust and rarely looked at?

What are your treasures? And what are you doing with them?



2 thoughts on “Beach escape, day two – treasures

  1. I’ve managed to save many treasures, much of it from my son’s childhood. I still have a pet rock he painted when he was about 3 y.o. I also have a bunch of stuff from Mom and the previous generations. Much is it is not displayed, but is fondly handled when it’s taken out.


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