Beach escape, day four – seaweed and stones

Sometimes, my life feels like seaweed, washed up, messy, dirty and a bit smelly when the wind blows in the wrong direction.

And other times, it feel like smooth stones, balanced, harmonious and serene; perfect in it’s imperfections.


You can probably guess how I’m feeling this week, so how are you feeling? Like seaweed? Or like the stones?



6 thoughts on “Beach escape, day four – seaweed and stones

  1. Not sure. I’ll let you know when the shark stops chasing me.

    It’s been quite a week. A stomach virus is working its way through the population of our sanctuary for abandoned dogs, and tonight I will be up with Yoda, a Pit Bull with a lovable personality and a bad tummyache. I haven’t slept since last Thursday.

    Flippancy aside, I guess the outward life is like the seaweed, but my heart has the Zen calm of the stones. Part is my calm nature (you might hear my wife laughing at that), and part is being in the no-sleep drone zone.

    Love the stones.


    • Wow! That’s some definite ‘seaweed’ in your life right now! I hope it all settles down and you get some sleep soon!
      If your heart stays true to it’s Zen state, it doesn’t matter how much seaweed is around, does it? πŸ™‚
      Ps The stones will be placed in that exact formation on my desk when we return home. I love them too.


      • When I read that the stones would be placed into their formation on your desk – tears came to my eyes.

        Somehow, the preservation of their asymmetric grace just makes my day. Well, night.

        There are eighteen dogs sleeping within 20 feet of me. All snoring gently…including Yoda, though his tummy is grumbling.

        That gently roughened is more restful than sleep.


        • I have a few different beautiful stones that all bring both calm and inspiration, and I just know the three newly collected ones will do the same πŸ™‚ Glad you are being relaxed by the sonorous snoring all around you…and may it lead to some sleep too!


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