Beach escape, day six – whales

During our last visit here, we went whale watching. And took this photo – Whale Fin

We had an absolutely amazing time. It truly was one of the best days of my life.

As we walked along the beach, headed to the rock pools, I remarked that the sea was so flat and glass like that we surely would see any whales or dolphins who happened to be passing the area.

Sure enough, not ten minutes later, Charli spotted a telltale splash on the horizon.

We all rushed to the furtherest rock to watch flippers, just like the one in this photo, rise and fall way out yonder. We stayed for an hour or more, pointing out to each other when we saw one, or two or three flippers, tails or great spurts of water.

And we reminisced about the time when we literally could have touched them that day four years ago. We laughed all over again about how four of them popped up at the back of the boat and eyeballed us before spraying us with their fishy breath. And how at that exact moment I had my mouth wide open with sheer joy and copped a big mouthful of salty, disgusting whale saliva. And how I immediately said it was the best thing ever.

Seeing those flippers off in the distance today made us relive the entire experience.

Isn’t it great that God made us with the ability to store memory, and that in the remembering, we can find all the joy, excitement and wonder of the first experience?

We may never get to go whale watching again, or, if we did, have the sort of experience we had that day but we will always have those memories.

What special memories do you have that will last a lifetime?

10 thoughts on “Beach escape, day six – whales

  1. The fondest memories are sometimes not picture perfect – or tasty. Small mishaps can be funny, too. Memories are a wonder…and I have so many at this point. And still making more every day. I’ve never been whale watching, but would like to have that experience.


  2. Eucalyptus trees blanketed with migrating monarch butterflies, waiting for the sun to break through the coastal fog and warm them enough to fly.
    Watching thirty or more dolphins playing in the wakes of the twin-hulled catamaran as we were sailing back into Santa Barbara, CA from the Channel Islands.
    Finding 160 acres of virgin tall-grass prairie in full summer bloom.
    Loons on a misty lake surrounded by mountains in British Columbia.
    The smell of bread baking when you get home from school on a snowy day.
    On and on and on….


  3. Well, as you can see from what I just posted above, I may have just discovered an old and lifelong memory – a childhood neighbor from Santa Barbara! I hope it’s so!

    More to the point, a lifelong memory I have is The Great Canine Wine-Tasting Party. I brought home a jug of wine, and dropped it while setting it on the kitchen counter. While I was trying to sweep up the broken glass, a Coonhound, a German Shepherd, and two Pit Bulls took care of the wine.

    The Coonhound and one of the Pits got happy and silly, and were walking into things, and falling over each other. The Shepherd found that she could only walk backwards, backed herself into a corner, and was furious because she couldn’t extricate herself.

    The remaining Pit jumped onto the dining room table, cleared it, turned around three times, lay down, belched an incendiary alcohol-fueled belch, and went to sleep.

    And my remaining Pit, who was recovering from surgery, watch in helpless fury from a crate while her pals got happily plastered.

    Hard to forget!


    • Oh my stars! That had me laughing right out loud…as did my family when I read it out to them. That is simply priceless! What a wonderful memory to have, although the subjects probably don’t remember much, tanked as they were! 🙂


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