And now, I’m not so tired.

Thanks to all of you for the encouraging words and support after my last post. I felt bolstered to know that I was heard and understood and definitely in good company 🙂

Coincidentally, I just had a weekend away for a friend’s birthday (and hence, no post on Sunday 🙂 ), which was perfect timing. It was a full 24 hours of nothing but eating, chatting, laughing, drinking (a combination of tea, coffee and champagne…not all at once, that would just be silly!), and generally letting my mind and body fully relax.

It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. It’s amazing how often we are blessed right when we need it most.

It’s so important to have those mental breathers; to simply be and not be striving for the next goal. It’s necessary to give our minds some space, and room to move. Space to allow our thoughts to wander, untethered by time, schedules or plans. There was much contented sighing by all of us on the weekend, and I could feel my mind and my heart letting go too.

To simply ‘be’ is a wondrous thing indeed.

So, although it has taken a few days to get going again, I now feel rejuvenated and refreshed and ready to once again take up arms and battle my chosen causes, which is good timing also as I have three engagements for Destiny Rescue this week!

How about you? Do you need to take time out for a short breather?

8 thoughts on “And now, I’m not so tired.

  1. Oh, most definitely, yes. I need a breather every once in a while. Those days that I don’t look at social networking except maybe once. Those days when I just enjoy my family or an outing with friends. No goals, just fun. I’m so glad you had that weekend!


  2. I need a breather like I need… breath! I can go go go for a week, maybe two, and then all of a sudden, on a sunny or cloudy weekend, just crash. Funny how we feel guilty about doing nothing but read, eat, walk, read, eat walk. But oh how wonderful. (However, I like your idea of eat drink chat laugh drink). 🙂


    • I had an attack of guilts before I left but that was mainly that I got to go and my husband didn’t! My lazy side is very, very adept at shouting down any other sort of guilt lol 🙂


  3. Oh yeah…I think we’re all right there with you, Susannah. But funny things happen once you retire. For a while, you’re so busy doing all the stuff you never had time to do that most everyone says “OMG, how did I ever have time to work.” Then you finally realize what you’re doing to yourself and you slow down. Or a part of your body slows you down. Or the lazies just take over.
    Recently, as I said somewhere else, I’ve made a commitment to go to the gym and get serious about getting back in some kind of shape besides soft-and-round. I just realized how important that is to me in other ways…now I’m setting goals for myself again. Now I’m walking like I did 10, 20 years ago. I can feel the bounce in my step. I have to adhere to a schedule again to fit the gym in and I’m getting ever so much more done. I still remember the days when I desperately needed a break. Now I’m relishing a busier schedule! ‘Tis true…to everything there is a season.


    • Only just saw this comment Esther! So sorry.

      Yes, that seems to be a common cry of the newly retired and I must admit, retired does seem awfully busy! I like your take on it…that the busyness and the adherence to a schedule actually gives you more energy. And I would agree from my own experience that when I have goals and a timeline for things, I do feel more energetic 🙂 I do, however, still like to take out that time to just do nothing! Maybe in my retirement I won’t do that though, who knows!


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