Feeling ‘bah humbug’ this Christmas?

You probably know by now that I love Christmas. I love the rush, the entertaining, the present wrapping, the buzz in the air. I love it all.

My husband, though, being not so keen on the rush and busyness of the season, was lamenting it’s excess and the fact that most of the time, the reason for the season is not even mentioned.

It’s true, isn’t it? Christmas in the western world is a time of excess. We spend too much, eat too much, drink too much, and the whole point of Christmas gets lost along the way, if it’s even remembered at all. It can be hard to see how any of what we currently do at Christmas time has any relationship to what happened in that stable over 2000 years ago.

So, how do we get around that if we want to remember the real reason we celebrate it but not boycott the whole event?

I’m not sure what the answer is for each individual but here’s how I look at it.

When we rush around looking for that perfect gift for a loved one, we are honouring the gift humanity was given on the first Christmas.

When we worry if there is enough food or that the meat is overcooked, we are demonstrating we care about the people we are feeding and want to give them the best there is.

When we make up another bed on the lounge room floor, we are opening our home and showing love to others – something that the person who was born at Christmas talked a bit about.

When we don’t sit down all day because we are on our feet ensuring everyone has enough drinks and food, we are serving others – another thing that the same person talked a bit about.

When we go on a mad cleaning frenzy in preparation for our guests, we are really saying that their comfort and giving them pleasant surroundings is important to us.

We can find the real meaning of Christmas in everything we do if we look at it a different way. It’s all honouring the greatest gift giver of all.

For those who feel bothered by the over-commercialism, the tinsel, the secular emphasis on a fat man in a red suit, try shifting your focus and instead of grumbling and lamenting the lack of acknowledgement of the real reason for the season, embrace the festivities.

What better way to say thank you for the ultimate gift we were given than loving, serving, laughing and thoroughly enjoying ourselves?

12 thoughts on “Feeling ‘bah humbug’ this Christmas?

    • Too bad we can’t get together on this, David. You could do my shopping and I could do the wrapping. I am not artistic and my sense of design is terrible, but I LOVE wrapping gifts and making an ordinary item look beautiful. One of my favorite parts of Christmas from earliest childhood was admiring all the beautiful packages.


    • LOL well David, not sure about where you are, but here, most shopping centres have wrap stations where, for a dollar or two, you can have your presents wrapped and the money goes to charity. Me, I love wrapping presents! 🙂


  1. We do forget, and it’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle-bustle. Thank you for the reminder and for the great perspective.


  2. I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. I love the lights, the color, the music.

    I hate what I know about the world, that in the midst of a celebration of innocence our society murders, and is complicit in the murder of, love and innocence every day. All over the world.

    I’m not speaking in the abstract – I’m speaking of what I’ve actually seen, and worked and fought to prevent (using a machine gun, not a protest sign). The images are hard to forget, and the sounds are harder.

    But sometimes harder to remember is that the small celebrations in our lives don’t take away from the doomed. Instead, they make the world just a bit better, a bit brighter. Happiness increases compassion, and provides the needed resilience for hope and intention to become action.


    • You are right, of course. But I see it as a breather; a break from all that is evil and awful in the world and a pause to remember the One who came to save us from all the evil and murder of innocents and innocence.

      Happiness does increase compassion and when we have more compassion we do have a greater chance of intention becoming action and action bringing about change. May you feel all the hope and joy of Him this Christmas Andrew. What a blessing it is to have you commenting here with your wise words and insights. Thanks for joining in x


  3. This is a nice way of looking at it. I think our world has gotten away from the original reasons behind Christmas, but the roots are still the same. We celebrate in the name of family, life, health, and happiness, which is really how it all started. 🙂


    • Family, life, health and happiness are all important things to celebrate, but somehow, that little baby still manages to get lost amongst it all. Remembering that He started it and is the reason why we do any of it is crucial to the rest of those things that are important 🙂


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