This was trickier than I thought

You may remember that I was keen to nut out my epitaph, not so that it could actually be used but so that I could set my life goals to that end.


I have been pondering, musing, wondering and generally doing mental gymnastics in the two weeks since, trying to work out the handful of words that would succinctly convey what I want my life to amount to in the end.

I don’t know if any of you have been doing the same, but it really is quite hard! One of the stumbling blocks for me was the feeling of being egotistical, and then I remembered I’m not saying this is what I think people would necessarily say right now, but what I want to live towards.

So here it is:

She was true and sincere and full of verve; unwavering in joyous living, no matter the weather. And she knew how to fiercely love.

True because I want to always hold fast to the Truth and the One who gave it, and to stay true to the ‘me’ He created; sincere because it’s dictionary definition is free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings; and verve is the serious, tough side of enthusiasm to me – I don’t want to be enthusiastic, like a puppy, rather I want a spirit that will get the job done with stamina and determination.

And by weather, I mean the weather of life – sunshine, storms, bleak days, rain or glorious sunrises. Whatever life throws at me, I want to be joyous and revelling in it all.

And fiercely love? I want to love beyond how I currently love. I want to love with no fear, no limit, no boundaries, no qualifiers.

This exercise has been so useful in cementing my goals, not only for this year but ongoing too. I might just put it above my desk to remind me.

What about you? What do you want yours to say?


6 thoughts on “This was trickier than I thought

  1. I think I would steal one from tradition…

    Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by,
    that here, obedient to their laws, we lie.

    Runner-up is a verse from Housman –

    These, in the day that heaven was falling,
    the hour when Earth’s foundations fled,
    followed their mercenary calling
    and took their wages, and are dead.

    Their shoulders held the sky suspended,
    they stood, and Earth’s foundations stay.
    What God abandoned, these defended
    and saved the sum of things for pay.

    I’m afraid it’s a bit of a cheat, not composing my own, but both of these elegantly tell the truths of the most important aspects of my life, both literally and metaphorically.

    If I HAD to compose my own, I would be a bit flippant in the face of death (as, I am, actually) –

    “He didn’t light a single candle rather than cursing the darkness…he sent up illume, and fired for effect.” (translation – illume is a flare deployed to light a potential target, and firing for effect is an artillery term ordering rounds to be fired to actually destroy a target, rather than for ranging, or spotting purposes to fix accuracy.)


    • Ahhh, both so wonderful. And I love yours too…a single candle does seem rather paltry! Much better to live life as illume fired for effect! Love it 🙂

      Ps. I love your blog but whenever I leave a comment there, it doesn’t appear! I don’t think wordpress and blogger play nicely together.


  2. I have actually given this more thought than I first expected. I want mine to say something like…”She loved family and friends, even when they disagreed. She helped others. She extended friendship. She had integrity and morals. She made a difference.” That’s the basic stuff. I’m helping a new blogger (brand new!) right now, and though it’s a lot of unpaid time, I feel good about it. I just want to help others, make a difference. I think I’ve made a difference.


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