Play is for grown-ups too!

I love stationery, and at the beginning of the new year, I can usually talk my way into buying new pens, paper, diaries, and sticky notes that I just couldn’t possibly start the new year without.

Recently, whilst on this traditional expedition, I spotted this notepad –


And knew I ‘needed’ it.

Each morning, I write my tasks on the separate notepads inside. The ‘home’ one gets filled with all the mundane chores of the household, the ‘work’ one, well that gets more than it’s fair share.

However, I noticed a few times that the ‘play’ notepad stayed empty, and then I noticed that that made me a bit sad. And then I realised that I actually needed to write something on that ‘play’ pad each day.

It’s so easy to forget to ‘play’ as adults. It’s so easy to be so busy that we do nothing fun at all.

And it doesn’t have to be big. It can be simply to take an hour out to read, or go for a swim, or put your favourite song on loudly and dance and sing along, or play a game of cards with someone, or watch funny clips on youtube.

What the fun or play is doesn’t matter, as long as you enjoy it and it makes you smile.

So, actually, I was right when I saw that notepad, I really did ‘need’ it. It gives me a prompt every day to have fun and play, a reminder I think we all need.

Do you do something fun every day?

8 thoughts on “Play is for grown-ups too!

  1. This is REALLY needed. So many people put aside play, thinking it’s a Childish Thing.

    It’s not. Play is the highest expression of life, because it’s the one place where we’re totally outside ourselves, and that is the perspective we really need.

    With 26 dogs, I’m not allowed not to play/


    • Absolutely agree! And I should have added ‘throw the ball for the dog’ into my list. My dogs make me laugh and smile every day – especially when I play with them. How lovely that you have so many ‘reminders’ that play is important 😉


  2. My brother and nephew visit each Wednesday evening and I’m treated to board games and card games where the child in me ( he is there, just hiding) gets chance to be himself again. Maybe I should add your idea of playing a bit of music and singing along but maybe I’d better make sure the neighbours are out first or the animal cruelty people may be round.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    • LOL I’m sure your neighbours would be understanding 🙂 Mine seem to still talk to me after Bon Jovi and I have had a good ole sing along! Glad you have a regular ‘play’ date scheduled in – I love card and board games!


  3. Play, goof off, nap, read, watch funny movies or videos, and my favorite – time with the grandsons. Yep! I could check that off every day.


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