On faith and beauty

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Friis Photography

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Friis Photography


But we esteem too little the mission of beautiful things in haunting the mind with higher thoughts and begetting the mood which leads to God.

Physical beauty makes moral beauty. Loveliness does more than destroy ugliness; it destroys matter. A mere touch of it in a room, in a street, even on a door knocker, is a spiritual force.
~ Henry Drummond

It’s no secret that I love beautiful things. And it’s for this reason that I love this quote.

Having beautiful things around us is important to our emotional and spiritual well being.

My parents have helped many people along in life and just one instance that stands out to me was when one of these people had a birthday.

My mum bought this person something that had no practical value whatsoever. She bought it because “everyone needs something that’s purpose is to bring beauty into their lives’.

My mother is an extremely practical person, and while she gave and served this lady in so many practical ways, she also understood the need for beauty.

This lady’s needs weren’t just food, money for rent or life skills; she also had the basic need of beauty. Which my mother sought to fulfil with her gift.

We mustn’t underestimate the need we all have for beauty and it’s ability to nourish our soul.

Beauty does indeed lead our thoughts higher, towards God and a greater awareness of our need for Someone outside ourselves.

When was the last time you appreciated something, or bought something, purely based on its beauty?


6 thoughts on “On faith and beauty

  1. Our recent snow, though oh, so cold and way too much, still made our familiar trees and shrubs a breathless beauty. When next week’s warm weather finally arrives, I will look for the fat purple shoots of native bluebells and rejoice if they are up. The scent of damp earth rising with the strengthening rays of sun never fails to lift my spirits. And this spring, as every spring, I will visit the first greenhouses to open and gorge on the beauty of the flowers.


  2. Though we are sometimes inundated with snow, I still find beauty in it, while it’s snowing, as it’s piling up, in the windswept drifts. I prefer flowers, beautiful birds, rolling grasses. I take the time to notice beautiful things whenever I can. I don’t often buy beautiful things for myself, unless you count art supplies…? So, then I create my own beautiful things.


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