Photo courtesy of Charlotte Friis Photography

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Friis Photography

Just the other day, as my husband was preparing to cook tea, and, being the amazing wife that I am, I offered to help.

No thanks, was his response. I replied, Are you sure? I have nothing else to do.

He then said, Um, you never have ‘nothing to do’ – GO AND WRITE.

So, as I went and switched on my laptop, poured the obligatory ‘writing’ glass of wine, and settled myself at my little desk, I said a prayer of thankfulness for the amount of support that surrounds me.

I am fully aware of so many people who are chasing their dreams on their own, either physically or emotionally. Β These people have my utmost respect. It’s hard enough following your dreams when you have a whole team behind you, let alone when you have no one in your corner.

I don’t always have the courage, the motivation or the confidence to keep working at my dreams but what I lack, my husband gives me. And if he is busy with his own life, one of my super great children will remind me to write, or say something that gives me what I need to keep putting fingers to keys.

We need people barracking for us from the sidelines. We need people who can see the finish line, even if our view of it is obstructed by other runners on the track. We need people who know when we need to talk through all our insecurities about our project, and when we just need a stern talking to and a firm push in the right direction.

Essentially, we need people around us who won’t give up and who won’t let us give up…oh and maybe one who cooks tea while you do it too πŸ˜‰

11 thoughts on “Support

  1. Support at home is so important! And its absence can be devastating.

    I know a writer who had just gotten an indication of interest from an agent, and tried to tell their spouse about the book.

    The spouse’s reply was “Oh, I’m sure it’s based on something you read about”, followed by departure from the room.

    As a writer, I find it hard to imagine something more cutting, and insulting.


    • Wow. I can’t even imagine that. Heartbreaking that people have to live with such disregard from the people they love and who say they love them. Extra thankful for my supportive husband after reading that!


      • It is a sad thing – this individual is on the verge of quitting. Support at home is so important, because it sets a firm foundation from which we can rise.

        People who say that we shouldn’t depend on others are all wet…we DO depend on others, whether we like it or not, and I think we owe it to one another to be supportive and encouraging.


        • I don’t blame them! It seems like not only a lack of support but a lack of respect for that person’s dreams, effort and passion. So sad! And you are right, we absolutely need each other – that’s the way we are wired.


  2. You are so lucky to have so much support at home. You also have some people in other countries who are cheering for your too! I don’t have anyone “in house” but I know I do have the support on my online writer and blogger fellows. For all them, I am so grateful! It would be sort of nice to have someone at home though, to give the push (hard shove) when I should do less goofing and more writing.


    • I definitely have a lazy streak, so having people physically around me to get me motivated is a huge bonus. Having said that, I, too, love the online support and encouragement from writer and blogger friends πŸ™‚


  3. Support is such a huge part of writing, Susannah. Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes I try to go it alone. This is a timely nudge to ask for help from family, friends and other writers (who are friends that understand probably better than anyone).


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