Mirror, mirror on the wall.

In our house, we have what we call ‘the mirror of truth’. This mirror is not for the faint hearted, or for those who are feeling their age and concerned about wrinkles and the like, or for those who generally want to feel good about their appearance.

I can have a full grooming (and by that I mean eyebrow waxing, plucking, shaping) session, pop into the other bathroom that has the mirror of truth and wonder if I did the whole thing with my eyes closed. Stray hairs, grey hairs, small hairs, large hairs – all are magnified beyond proportion and alarmingly obvious in the mirror of truth.

And if ever I am in doubt as to whether I look my age, a quick glance in the mirror of truth exposes the comments of smooth talking waiters to be pure flattery with no basis in reality whatsoever. When I’m cleaning in there, I sometimes always avoid looking in the mirror.

The last time I passed by there, and scared myself, it started me thinking about the differences between that mirror and the mirror I use most often – one gives me the truth, as harsh as it is, and the other gives me only half the truth, which is a much nicer feeling.

If you’re anything like me, you’d rather the half truth than the whole truth when it comes to your flaws and shortcomings. It’s not pleasant to be faced with the cold hard facts about who we are, yet it’s a necessary part of our growth.

I have several people in my life who are ‘mirrors of truth’, and while I might not always like it, they let me know when I’ve spent too long looking in the half truth mirror and have a few stray hairs that are overdue for attention.

We need people who can be honest with us. And we need to be brave enough to stay in front of that mirror and address what it reveals.

Do you have someone who is a mirror of truth for you?

PS. Since it’s my 42nd birthday tomorrow, guess who’ll be avoiding the mirror of truth in our house? I can at least have one day of half truths about how I look, can’t I???



10 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall.

  1. Happy Birthday!

    My Mirror of Truth is named Sylvia. She weighs about 80 lbs, and has a head the size of a cinder block. She is a Pit Bull.

    She’s one of my service dogs, dealing with PTSD and a fatal illness (according to the doctor I saw yesterday, whom I am determined to prove wrong).

    When I push too hard, she steps in, and makes me sit down and rest. As in, she gets in front of me and makes it very clear that I will not be walking any further. I am allowed to read, or watch a DVD.

    She will hide my tools (I work on old airplanes, when able). I have found a collection of files, sheet metal tools, and a rivet gun hidden behind and under the sofa cushions.

    When I think I’m good to go, and I’m not, Sylvia tells me so.

    If you want to see what she looks like, please visit my blog, here:


    There’s a picture of her. But not one of me.


  2. Have a wonderful birthday. If you happen to pass the mirror of truth, worry not. I’m sure for tomorrow it will tell you how little you’ve changed since today despite adding the year to your age. It might even say how little you’ve changed over the last ten years or so and how others will be envious. However, don’t expect the same on Thursday.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  3. I have several mirror-of-truth people. Gratefully. One friend tells me when I’m being a jerk, one tells me my writing needs work, one bolsters me up by telling me to pull up my big-girl panties and just hang in and hang on. And I have several online pals who do the same. It’s nice to have supportive people – and I have a lot of those – put I also like it when somebody tells me, “This needs work!” I also like it when a friend and I have a disagreement and discuss it.
    I have a magnifying mirror. It hides in the cabinet under the sink.


  4. The one small-child mirror-of-truth I shall never forget was a three-year-old delightfully dressed all in pink. I was wearing a bright pink blouse with white pants and her eyes lit up at the sight of my blouse. “I LOVE your pink blouse! And your PANTS match your HAIR!!”


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