The navel gazing in review

So the weekend away didn’t quite go as I had expected. There were no spas, relaxation with wine on a balcony, or long walks in the rain. No, it turns out this was more about looking upward than inward. Which was just fine by me 🙂

I met some wonderful people, was immersed in Godly teaching, ate heaps, was waited on, laughed, cried, felt challenged, felt encouraged and generally had a blast.

Sometimes, even when your focus is not off-centre, you need to just spend time with that Centre and truly appreciate it. Seventy two hours spend in the presence of God and His people helps you do just that.

And even though I also scored a head cold out of it, I feel thoroughly rejuvenated, refreshed, reinvigorated and reinspired to fully love and live.

Oh, if you’re interested in maybe signing up for a seventy two hours like I did, check out Walk to Emmaus and then let me know. I’d be happy to talk more about it with you 🙂

Navel gazing and all that malarky

Tonight I’m off to a three day spiritual retreat. No phone/emails/internet/games/texts/messenger – aka no contact with the outside world. I will also be deprived of happily going without wine and anything that resembles a decent cup of coffee. Oh, and my family (maybe they should have been first on the list…oops).

I’m keen to go but also have concerns that this is just another navel gazing exercise. I’m all for introspection and self reflection but the there-are-so-many-people-and-causes-that-need-attention part of me kicks into overdrive when I feel like I’m not out there doing good. So it will be an interesting exercise in letting go of all that and giving myself over to the weekend.

If you’re a long time reader here, you’ll know I bang on about the fact that we are ‘human beings, not human doings’, so I’m no stranger to being still, or silent (okay, I’m working on that one!), and am all for not being busy, busy, busy. Still, it’s always hard to give yourself permission to step back.  And not just from the things in our lives that may be causing us irritation and distraction but also from the things that are wonderful and worthy of our time.

We need space to breathe and just be.

Aaaahhhhh, just writing that sentence makes me feel relaxed.

I’ll see you on the flip side, friends 🙂