Sometimes, it’s the small things that separate


I took this photo on our holiday earlier in the year. I was so struck by the ridiculousness of this tiny rock keeping these two big boulders separate.

It’s funny how small things can keep other things apart. Like people.

You know the scenario, a small issue with your spouse blows up into something huge and before you know it, you’re both going to bed shrouded in a heavy silence.

Or that work colleague who always uses your mug.

Or it might be a small word that keeps people apart, spoken in jest or in haste.

Sometimes it’s a small thing like a ‘sorry’ not said, or an ‘I love you’ that remains unspoken and forges a space in a relationship that might as well be a chasm.

Yes, sometimes it’s the small things that separate.

Those two boulders were huge; that stone in between was small. And you know what? Because I’m the curious-can’t-leave-anything-alone kind, I reached in and tried to move that small stone. It moved, quite freely too.

Often when we look closely at the things keeping us apart from others, we discover they are just small stones, that move quite easily when prodded. Don’t let the small things keep you separated from those who matter to you. Go on, give that small stone a wiggle and see what happens!

NB. For the record, I didn’t fully dislodge the stone. I’m not that silly!

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