Just add one

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Friis Photography.

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Friis Photography.

I listened as she told her story. It was a privilege to hear it. I marvelled at the wisdom in one nearly half my age. She talked about pain, sadness, triumph, hope and the pursuit of ‘true self’.

She spoke quietly of one who “loved me, no matter what I did”, her eyes softening with precious memories. It was a sacred moment; her acknowledgement of the power one person has to change a life.

It just takes one person to believe in you, she said. And that can turn it all around. Even when you’re making mistakes and your head’s a mess, their words live inside you, repeating like a mantra – you’re better than this, you are smart, capable and worth it. Dream, dear one, dream.


That’s all.

And a woman of 42 remembered a lesson worth learning again –

Never, ever, ever underestimate the ability we all hold to change a life.

Forget saving the millions, thousands, hundreds or tens.

Concentrate on one, and know the fierce beauty of a life transformed. And watch as that one changes your life too.


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