Do you need adjusting?

After my unintended hiatus from posting, I’m back, ready to start the year. Yes, I know it’s March but close enough is good enough, right? 😉


This year, our family routine has had to change significantly. With only one child now at school and the other doing a gap year and not having her ‘P’s’ yet, we find ourselves with only a semblance of routine from one week to the next.

It’s funny how much we rely (well, I do, anyway!) on the rhythm of life. Whether it’s a fast rhythm or a slower one, it brings a sense of order to our days and usually means we are more productive and have a clearer head space.

Yet, the fact remains that nothing stays the same, and we must, indeed, accommodate and adapt to the changes that life brings us; we need to make adjustments.

The word ‘adjustment’ is quite interesting, definition wise. The fourth and fifth definitions are as follows:

adjustment: 4. the act of bringing something into conformity with external requirements: the adjustment of one’s view of reality. 5. harmony achieved by modification or change of a position: They worked out an adjustment of their conflicting ideas.

The act of bringing something into conformity with external requirements. Sounds negative doesn’t it? For most of us, conformity is a dirty word and we will avoid ‘conforming’ at all costs. In fact, look on any social media at the moment and you’ll find nearly every ‘self-help’ message is generally about encouraging people not to conform. And absolutely, there are times we shouldn’t conform. The world would be a bland and boring place if we all conformed about everything.  So, here, making an adjustment is something we might well buck against.

But I love the fifth definition – harmony achieved by modification or change of position. By making a few adjustments in our lives, sometimes, harmony is the end result. Just tweaking things slightly can make a huge difference and bring cohesiveness to situations.

We all need to make adjustments, don’t we? Our youngest is having to make some big adjustments as she steps into high school; our elder daughter needs to adjust to life outside the school routine; and we need to adjust our lifestyles and habits to make room for the changes in our girls’ lives.

It’s important to be able to make adjustments. And it’s important to teach our children how to adjust too. Life will never be smooth or simple or easy, no matter how much we want, or strive for, it to. Not teaching them to adjust, to bend with the ebb and flow of life is to do them a great injustice. If we are always trying to make ‘the world’ fit around them, instead of encouraging them to be adaptable, we are setting them up for hardships and failure once they are out from under our care. Many researchers cite that the ability to be adaptable is essential to success – and not just in a material sense, but in a human sense. We need to be able to make adjustments and be adaptable in order to not just survive but to thrive.

What adjustments do you need to make in your life that could bring harmony into your world?

10 thoughts on “Do you need adjusting?

  1. It seems that several of my favorite bloggers (and you are definitely one of them!) have taken planned or unplanned leaves of absence from blogging lately. My own writing has had several long gaps, primarily because I have made some major changes in my life in the past year and needed time to make adjustments and establish new routines. The adjustments are coming nicely, the routines are coming more slowly, but finally there is time and energy to move beyond those most necessary adjustments. It is nice to be able to reach inside and touch those parts of me that are unchanged, when so much around me is different.

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  2. How interesting! Must be something in the air at the moment 🙂

    And I hadn’t even really made the connection in my head that part of my absence was due to those adjustments I’m having to make. So thanks for helping with that – I just thought I was really slack and lazy! 😉

    I love the last line of your comment. It is so good to remember and cherish the things that stay the same and you said it so beautifully x

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  3. Yeah, I haven’t been blogging much either. Though I have been adjusting to the new job (I can still say that, can’t I…even though it’s been seven months?), and concentrating more on my art. But it seems every time I reach “harmony” some wrench gets thrown into the works. Just going with the flow, enjoying all my new friends, and spending time with family. I suppose it is easier for me because I have to worry only about myself.


  4. I needed to read this today, Susannah. Our daughter is due tomorrow, so we’ve been packed and waiting for weeks to get the call about the arrival of our second grandchild. It’s all very exciting except the part where I’ve put my life almost totally on hold. When I read on Facebook about a friend being a week and a half overdue, I felt overwhelmed and I thought, “This could go on for another couple of weeks.” I’m exhausted and grumpy and getting resentful that I can’t get on with my own life. But I can. I’m the only one stopping me and, thanks to your post, I’ve been slowed down enough or nudged ahead enough to do that today. I’m grateful you’re back.


    • So glad it was timely for you Kim 🙂 Waiting for babies to arrive certainly can put your life on hold, though, so don’t be too hard on yourself! I do hope that all goes well and you’ll be off to hold that new little life sooner rather than later xo


  5. I not only enjoyed reading your post, but also reading the responses. Today I posted my first blog post since last August, and – ironically – it was about my absence. Not only was I not writing, but I’d stopped following my favorite blogs (maybe guilt?) so I was happy to see you hadn’t been posting in awhile – meaning I didn’t miss too much. 🙂


    • I did the same thing re not even reading other blogs! There must have been something in the air lately for so many of us to have taken a break 🙂
      I’m glad we’re all back up and running! I didn’t realise how much I missed it or how I needed it until I came back.
      Now, I’m off to read yours! 🙂


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