Potatoes, life and s**t

Potato plant

If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you’ll know we (usually unsuccessfully) dabble in gardening. And if you’re a bit of a gardener yourself, you might know that the above is a potato plant.

This is the second time we’ve grown potatoes. One of the reasons I love it is the excitement of the excavation when it’s time to harvest. Fossicking through the dirt searching for the treasure of a beautiful homegrown potato – bliss!

For those of you who aren’t aware, the best way to grow potatoes is to pile dirt that has a healthy dose of animal excrement in it on top of any sign of life you see coming from the seed potato that is buried deep in the earth. And repeat. And repeat a couple more times.

I popped out to the veggie patch (please be aware that I use that term extremely loosely) and noticed a few green shoots poking their heads above the dirt. I promptly covered them over.

And it made me think about how much that’s like life. Sometimes when we feel we are beginning to grow, another pile of s**t lands on top of us and we need to push our way through it to the sunlight. And then just when we get over that, it happens again.

But, like the potatoes, all that dirt and s**t, is helping good stuff grow deep down in the dark and hidden layers. It’s encouraging more growth than if those piles weren’t thrown on top.

So next time yet another pile of s**t is thrown on top of you, just think of the potatoes growing big and wonderful, ready for harvest and enjoyment at exactly the right time 🙂


2 thoughts on “Potatoes, life and s**t

  1. What an effective analogy! Yes, I’ve been “sprinkled” with it a few times. Just keep sticking my head up through it, grow more leafy stuff, and let a lot of the good stuff simmer underground. 🙂

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