Day 29 – air-con

When the water that comes out of the cold tap is too hot to put your hands under, even when you run it for ten minutes straight; when walking on the grass with no shoes burns your feet; when you feel beads of sweat rolling down your back when you’re standing still; when the first line of washing is dry by the time you finish hanging out the last, when all these things happen, you find yourself being very grateful for whoever came up with the technology that gives us the sacred gift of the air-con. 

Today, I bow at your feet in humble gratitude. 


Day 27 – leftovers

I love leftovers. Leftovers mean I don’t have to cook and that everyone can just help themselves when they are hungry. 

Leftover, extra, surplus – more than we need

And once again I’m grateful for abundance. God is so good and abundant in His giving. 


Day 26 – Straya Day

Today, on Australia Day, I am grateful for this country.

I’m mindful of those who lost so much when the first settlers came. And my heart aches for them. 

I’m not proud of the settler Australians then but I sure am proud of many, many Australians now. 

So it was with mixed feelings that I celebrated Australia Day today but as I looked into the faces of my children, and others, I am enormously grateful for the life we have here. Freedom, joy and opportunities abound. And I am grateful. 


Day 25 – my best friend

I don’t find it easy to talk about my fears, insecurities and doubts. But when I do, he always listens. And I mean really listens. 

And when I’ve finished my halting, disjointed soliloquy, he doesn’t always say the right thing because, you know, he’s human, but often he does. And today was one such day. 

So today, I’m grateful that I’m married to my best friend and that he never shies away from my faults and ugly side. He sure is a keeper. 


Day 23 – multiculturalism 

Due to having a VIP staying with us at the moment we went for the first time to the Eat Street Markets. 
Loved it ☺️ Every cuisine you could ask for, live music, amazing sweet delights and a great friendly vibe. Can’t wait to go back. 
I’m grateful for the eclectic culture we have in Australia and the food they bring to our shores 😊 


Day 22 – good neighbours

Tonight I was halfway through making ANZAC biscuits and I realised I didn’t have any oats. 

A quick text to my neighbour and she was in the driveway with a cup of oats ☺️

And I loved it that her generosity was in keeping with the ANZAC spirit. 

I’m grateful we have lovely neighbours who are happy to share when I need it….and I’ll show my appreciation by dropping some biscuits in to her tomorrow 😊