Day 1 -a grateful year

I’m not one for trends or keeping up with what’s popular, in fact, I actively avoid all that is fashionable and ‘in’. So my decision to do what is now very popular – the Grateful 365 – almost didn’t happen due to this tendency. BUT I am studying this year (oh my stars, I must be crazy) and I think I’m going to need an intentional act of re-focusing myself on the here and now and what’s really important. The idea behind Grateful 365 (or as my husband pointed out – Grateful 366 this year as it’s a leap year), is to document each day, via a photo, something you are grateful for.

So, today, New Years Day, we visited my mum and dad. They are two of the most important people in my life and I am eternally grateful to them and for them.

As well as taking polaroids and keeping them in a book, I’m going to repeat it here, on my blog. Please do feel free to unsubscribe – an email from me every day could, quite understandably, be far more than is desired by the majority of you.

I nearly decided to stop blogging altogether as I intend to still try and finish my @#$%^& manuscript while I study but instead of canning it completely, I’ll post my grateful page for the day 🙂

So, here is todays, 1st January 2016.


I hope this year is bright and shiny for all of you, filled with all that you need, heartily accompanied by laughter and joy and most importantly, permeated with hope.

6 thoughts on “Day 1 -a grateful year

  1. Your new path for 2016 sounds interesting. I applaud you for putting aside some things to do other things, those that are more important to you. I look forward to an email from you every day! I probably won’t comment on all, but I will love the photos I’m sure. Happy New Year!

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  2. Well done! I think it’s a great idea for staying focussed. I’ve kept a gratitude journal and it’s a fantastic reminder of how lucky we are to live in Australia. Please don’t give up on your manuscript! And have a wonderful 2016!

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    • Thanks Gillian 🙂 Yes, my daily journal is full of gratitude but I rarely read back over it. I’m hoping with a visual one I can flick through and more easily be reminded of all the blessings in my life 🙂
      I’m determined not to give up on it – but it’s a constant battle! I hope you have a super year full of lots of writerly pursuits 🙂


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