Day 17 – that girl of mine

Today, on the spur of the moment we went to visit friends who had been unable to join us in seeing a wider circle of friends this afternoon.

We had been out all afternoon and when we arrived home to our 18 year old, she happily said she didn’t mind looking after the littler one while we went out. As we made our way out the door, we threw hurried dinner suggestions over our shoulders before getting in the car and going.

I’m so grateful for our girl. This is not by a long way the first time she’s ushered us out the door on a date or to see friends. There’s been quite a few times she’s suggested we go out for coffee and cake after tea and she never even gives us a curfew!

She is a treasure and I’m sure glad she’s ours.

And I just love this shot of her….we couldn’t stop laughing as I tried to persuade her to sit still so I could take a pic, so I just took one anyway, even though she wasn’t ‘ready’ 😊

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