Day 26 – Straya Day

Today, on Australia Day, I am grateful for this country.

I’m mindful of those who lost so much when the first settlers came. And my heart aches for them. 

I’m not proud of the settler Australians then but I sure am proud of many, many Australians now. 

So it was with mixed feelings that I celebrated Australia Day today but as I looked into the faces of my children, and others, I am enormously grateful for the life we have here. Freedom, joy and opportunities abound. And I am grateful. 


2 thoughts on “Day 26 – Straya Day

    • It’s a day to celebrate our country but there is talk that the date needs to be changed because the date it’s on is what our indigenous Australians call ‘Invasion Day’ – basically the day the white settlers took over and many indigenous people were slaughtered.
      I, and many many others, feel uncomfortable ‘celebrating’ on this day and would whole heartedly support a change of date.


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