Day 59 – market finds

On the way home from our weekend with family, we went to the Bangalow markets. It rained the entire time making it wet and muddy underfoot with awkward bumping of umbrellas and drips and trickles off awnings.

It’s hard to see from the photo but we bought a lovely cheese board and then, a few stalls down, a complimentary small handmade pottery bowl, bought from the potter himself. 

I left a bit soggy but so grateful for artisans who make beautiful expressions that remind us of our Creator God. 


Day 58 – weekends with family

It’s wonderful when family are friends and we’ve enjoyed the company this weekend of two of our best friends or ‘framily’. 

Amazing food, an exceedingly fine Cab Sav, games and chill time make for a most excellent couple of days. 

My heart is grateful. 


57 – water

Grateful for clean, purified water to drink until my thirst is quenched. And on another stinking hot day, drink I did. 

So many in our world still don’t have access to what freely runs into our glass with a quick turn or flick of our wrist. 

Most days, we forget how good we have it here. But today, I’m grateful. 


Day 55 – beautiful mornings

Today I went for an early morning walk after not having been for a few weeks.  

The air was blissfully crisp (well, at the beginning; by the end I was hot and sweaty from the humidity!) and the main sounds were those of the birds. 

I just love the fresh newness of early morning and I realised how much I had missed it. 

So grateful for the day and being alive 🙂 


Day 54 – pretty things

Grateful to have a little study nook with pretty things to look at. Getting organised to start next week! 

The Polaroid camera failed to capture the lights on the wall, so there’s another pic under the Grateful book photo. And the one under that is a close up of the cute little wooden tree I bought to sit on my desk and bring me cheer 🙂 




Day 53 – my boy

Today I’m grateful for my boy (I don’t care that he’s a man now, he’s still my boy). 

You give kids the best you’ve got at the time when they are growing and hope and pray that in spite of all your mistakes and bad judgement calls they turn out alright. 

And sometimes, they turn out better than alright. They turn out to be people of integrity, kindness, purpose and fierce determination and verve. 

And you stand back and shake your head in wonder at how it happened. 

And then you smile and finally understand that grace has covered a multitude of bad parenting moments. 

And you’re filled with gratitude. 


Day 51 – sacrificial living

Today I spent the day with parents and carers of children with disabilities. 

I’m so grateful for the privilege it is to be amongst these people and help give them a day where they are recognised for all they do. 

And I’m grateful for a boss who gives me flowers when I do nothing in particular.