Day 53 – my boy

Today I’m grateful for my boy (I don’t care that he’s a man now, he’s still my boy). 

You give kids the best you’ve got at the time when they are growing and hope and pray that in spite of all your mistakes and bad judgement calls they turn out alright. 

And sometimes, they turn out better than alright. They turn out to be people of integrity, kindness, purpose and fierce determination and verve. 

And you stand back and shake your head in wonder at how it happened. 

And then you smile and finally understand that grace has covered a multitude of bad parenting moments. 

And you’re filled with gratitude. 


4 thoughts on “Day 53 – my boy

  1. When I was learning how to prune the peach trees in my back yard, I wished sometimes that I could see ahead one year and know if I was doing it right.

    With children, you have to wait 20 years to see and that’s a long, difficult wait.

    Susannah, you have so gracefully said what all of us have felt. I’m glad the long wait was worth it for all of us. “My Boy” is 38 now and one of the neatest people I know.

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