Day 63 – life changing organisations

Today, after receiving an update on one of our Destiny Rescue sponsor children, I am grateful for many things. 

  • That there are organisations like Destiny Rescue changing the worlds of so many children.
  • That we were privileged to meet these beautiful children/young women. 
  • That there will always be a heart connection, no matter the distance or amount of years gone by. 
  • That we receive updates like today and can see their growth and joy. 

Grateful 🙂 

Ps. Now that Uni has started, I probably won’t always have the time each day to put up a blog post with my grateful photo. I’ll do some catch up ones when I get time though and try not to get too behind 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Day 63 – life changing organisations

  1. I think, if we ALL picked one special charity or cause, the world would be a better place. You have yours, and it’s a great one. I have the military, and Wounded Warriors, and soldier causes, and books for soldiers, etc. We should all pick just one, just one cause.


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