Day 312

Grow where you’re planted. This little guy called Basil popped up in a nearby pot after I pulled the remains of the dead shallots out. 

Lesson: even if it feel like you’ve been put in the wrong circumstances, grow. Even if it feels like your existence is an accident, grow. Even if there’s no one else around who’s anything like you, grow. Fight for your spot in the world. The Giver of all life sees you, planted you right where you are and gives you all you need to thrive. So grow! 

Grateful for assurance of divine purpose and reason for being. 

One thought on “Day 312

  1. Or as a pastor once said Bloom where you are planted. After he first repeated this nursery rhyme “I’m m a little orchid in an onion. Patch, Boo hoo, boo hoo boo hoo”
    Bloom where youvare planted

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