I did it!

Yesterday, I took my last photo for the Grateful 2016 book 🙂

The book is so full it won’t close. And it’s representative of the year which has been full to overflowing too! And as I flick through it’s pages, with dodgy polaroids, crossed out words and often indecipherable hand writing, I truly am grateful for 2016. It hasn’t been the easiest one, by far. It has challenged me, caused me to look at myself with stark honesty and it has shown me that, aside from God, I really am capable of nothing. He has sustained, comforted and been by my side through the adventure of this year.

And as I look down the barrel of 2017, there are things on the horizon that scare me, things that I know will bring me joy and plenty of ‘normal’ life in-between. Perfect 🙂


10 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. I love seeing your 2016 year reflected by a gratitude journal. Last year was one of my toughest … it probably would have been easier had I followed your grateful lead, but I didn’t. Nonetheless, it’s likely the year I learned the most, changed the most, and will be most grateful for in hindsight. And I didn’t forget you were positively tracking your year, so I’d stop by from time to time, sigh, and go back to being kind of pathetic. 🙂 Your posts made an impression, though, and I appreciated your example. ❤

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      • It helped, Susannah. It offered hope. ❤ Today, I made my first gratitude list of 2017. It felt good.

        I'm sorry you also had a tough 2016. I'm looking forward to this year being better for many of us. Love you! ❤

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        • Oh good for you! I’m still trying to journal a grateful thing each day (not public this time though!) and I think it really does make a big difference to how we view and walk through the day 🙂
          And I agree! Here’s to a fantastic 2017! Much love to you too from down under xo

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