Three weeks!

Today marks the first official day of a three week uni break for me – YAY! And I definitely am feeling like it has come not a minute too soon. So many things have just had to slide since this semester began in June and the biggest thing that slides is the housework. And there are some concentrated trouble spots.

First on my to-do list was our walk-in robe. Before:


One crate of shoes and two garbage bags of clothes later:


If you look closely you can spot the differences 😉

I have been almost euphoric today knowing there’s no assignment that needs finishing, no research to conduct, no quiz to study for and I can breathe again! And I’ve watched two doco’s I’ve had bookmarked all year! Guilt free!

I keep being reminded of my word for the year – rest. I don’t know I’ve been doing a great job at being restful but the reminders do help. At first, I really did wonder how I would find any rest but I’ve learnt that it’s just a mindset, like so many other things. And it takes training and discipline to develop inner restfulness when life is swirling around you and there’s so, so many things to be done. But, I think I’m learning, albeit slowly!

So today, I strolled around the house and garden in the rain after my productive walk-in robe purge, drinking in beauty and allowing it to soak into my soul and remind me to pay attention to the small wonders that surround me every single day. And allow that to bring me rest 🙂



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