Ahhhh, rest :)

So, things have finally settled down. The steps I took towards a less busy life are coming into effect and I’m finding I can breathe again. And it’s lovely 🙂

I am so enjoying not having any monkeys on my back whispering of the other things I should be doing when I am doing literally any activity. I am even enjoying doing those extra house keeping things that I never in a million years thought I would enjoy doing!

I’ve also had time to quietly roam our little patch of the world and stop and ponder life and capture some of the small things with a macro lens on the camera.

Here’s a few of my favs 🙂


Day 9 – the beach

So grateful today for easy access to gorgeous beaches that lift spirits and remind the soul to breathe. 

Although at the start of the day our moods weren’t the best and the traffic decided to try and make them worse, by the end of the day we all agreed it had been wonderful and just what we all needed. 

How can anyone stay in a bad mood with that view? 😊 


Day 8 – simple pleasures

This week was the first week back at work and the last two days, especially, were rather busy. So today I’m grateful to come home and enjoy a nice cup of tea and a biccy (that’s a biscuit for you non-Aussie folk).

Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures that are most appreciated after a big week 😊 


Day 5 – my girl’s heart

Today I am grateful for my 12 year old’s serving heart. All Most of the time, she is only too pleased to help. Just yesterday, she cleaned and tidied the kitchen till it sparkled, without being asked.

And today, while I was working and she wandered into the office, bored, I flippantly said that she could write the week’s menu and shopping list if she needed something to do. The next time she came in, she was holding a completed menu and asking what ingredients were needed for the meals she’d planned out.

She thrives on being organised (she didn’t get that from me) and absolutely loves being given a job to do and finishing it. Today, while I was feeling annoyed at being back at my desk, her generosity and willingness to help with something that she knew I needed to have done lifted my spirits and brightened my day.

She’s a treasure 🙂


Day 4 – the sweet, sweet rain

We’ve had unseasonably cool (ish) weather for this time of year and we are definitely not complaining. Today was mainly overcast with some lovely, welcomed rain falling this afternoon. I don’t know many people who don’t love the rain; it’s biggest drawback for me is that it makes me want to snuggle up on the couch with a book or a movie and drink copious amounts of tea, coffee and wine instead of doing my work 🙂

It was nice not to have to water our little veggie patch today and instead watch it almost instantly turn a shade greener. And I’m especially grateful for all the rain that is falling on our drought stricken areas of late. Our farmers certainly deserve some kindness from our earth and it’s weather right now.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Day 3 – that man o’ mine

(Disclaimer: this is the first but it won’t be the last, mushy post about my husband. I incur his wrath every time I write about him but hey, I like to live on the wild side.)

Today, as most days, I woke up to the question “And how’s the most beautiful woman in the world this morning?” Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder that’s for sure! But it was the question that followed shortly after that really made me grateful for him today because it had the word ‘bacon’ in it. Yep, a lazy Sunday brunch cooked for me was definitely welcomed today 🙂

Later, we decided to go for a quick drink, or ‘pint’ as I now like to say after my England trip. After visiting four places that were closed, yes, you read that right, we found a nice corner table in a pub and had a paddle of beer each, nicely complemented by some sweet potato chips.

This man is someone who frequently tops my grateful list 🙂


Day 2 – Art shop sales

Today I am grateful for art shop sales which allowed me to stock up on canvasses and a couple of tubes of my favourite paint. And a new paintbrush. Oh how I love a new paintbrush!

So, painting (and writing that manuscript) will be my down-time creative relief while studying 🙂 I can’t wait to start the study so I can feel stressed, need the down time and paint!


Day 1 -a grateful year

I’m not one for trends or keeping up with what’s popular, in fact, I actively avoid all that is fashionable and ‘in’. So my decision to do what is now very popular – the Grateful 365 – almost didn’t happen due to this tendency. BUT I am studying this year (oh my stars, I must be crazy) and I think I’m going to need an intentional act of re-focusing myself on the here and now and what’s really important. The idea behind Grateful 365 (or as my husband pointed out – Grateful 366 this year as it’s a leap year), is to document each day, via a photo, something you are grateful for.

So, today, New Years Day, we visited my mum and dad. They are two of the most important people in my life and I am eternally grateful to them and for them.

As well as taking polaroids and keeping them in a book, I’m going to repeat it here, on my blog. Please do feel free to unsubscribe – an email from me every day could, quite understandably, be far more than is desired by the majority of you.

I nearly decided to stop blogging altogether as I intend to still try and finish my @#$%^& manuscript while I study but instead of canning it completely, I’ll post my grateful page for the day 🙂

So, here is todays, 1st January 2016.


I hope this year is bright and shiny for all of you, filled with all that you need, heartily accompanied by laughter and joy and most importantly, permeated with hope.