I did it!

Yesterday, I took my last photo for the Grateful 2016 book 🙂

The book is so full it won’t close. And it’s representative of the year which has been full to overflowing too! And as I flick through it’s pages, with dodgy polaroids, crossed out words and often indecipherable hand writing, I truly am grateful for 2016. It hasn’t been the easiest one, by far. It has challenged me, caused me to look at myself with stark honesty and it has shown me that, aside from God, I really am capable of nothing. He has sustained, comforted and been by my side through the adventure of this year.

And as I look down the barrel of 2017, there are things on the horizon that scare me, things that I know will bring me joy and plenty of ‘normal’ life in-between. Perfect 🙂


Remember me?

Gosh, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I was here! I’m going to blame uni for the absence….that and some big changes for us work wise 🙂

Yesterday I sat my first and final exam for my first semester at uni *cue big sigh of relief. Whilst it has taken up my spare time, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m already looking forward to March when I’ll do another two subjects.

Now that I have a little bit more time, I thought I’d get back into posting my Grateful Book entries every day. And check out the book now! It won’t even close, it’s that full 🙂14804937_10211000219778283_1388735858_n

So stay tuned for another post tonight with today’s gratefulness 🙂

Day 16 – books

I love reading. Books have been my constant companions and friends ever since I discovered the pure joy held between their covers. 

And now that I am attempting to write one myself, I can appreciate more fully the art and sheer force of will it takes to carry and nurture an idea on its journey into the hands of a reader. 

So today I am grateful for books. And all those who contribute to the process of writing, editing, printing, marketing and selling them. I salute you! 


Day 13 – entertainment 

Yesterday, I didn’t get to post but I wrote in my grateful book of course 🙂 

Last night we went to see Cirque Adrenaline, which is basically Cirque de Soleil on steroids. It was full of dare devil acrobatics, amazing strength and precision. There was also a wonderful clown who was hilarious. The whole thing was fantastic. My heart was in my mouth most of the night, sure they were going to fall to their deaths, though. 

As I watched I was so struck by what the human body can do. And how these performers gave their time and put their bodies through strenuous training just for the enjoyment of others. 

We are capable of so much. And to use what we have to give to others the gift of entertainment and fun is no small thing. I was completely in awe of what they did and could have watched them for another two hours.

What extraordinary creatures we are 🙂


Day 11 – refreshment

Most days I wake up early, make a cup of tea and spend some time with God, reflecting, listening and mostly just trying to be quiet with Him. I want to soak up all the peace and wellness I can before heading into the day. 

I’m so grateful for the privilege of this. It is the most important part of my day. 


Day 9 – the beach

So grateful today for easy access to gorgeous beaches that lift spirits and remind the soul to breathe. 

Although at the start of the day our moods weren’t the best and the traffic decided to try and make them worse, by the end of the day we all agreed it had been wonderful and just what we all needed. 

How can anyone stay in a bad mood with that view? 😊 


Day 8 – simple pleasures

This week was the first week back at work and the last two days, especially, were rather busy. So today I’m grateful to come home and enjoy a nice cup of tea and a biccy (that’s a biscuit for you non-Aussie folk).

Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures that are most appreciated after a big week 😊 


Day 7 – the cool breeze

After a hot and humid day, the cool afternoon breeze that played over my skin as I watered the veggies was like a song from heaven. 

Obviously, it’s pretty hard to get a photo of the breeze. With a Polaroid camera. In the late afternoon. So this one will have to do. I do like the gradient blue of the sky though ☺️